I am leaving on an extended camping trip with my sons soon and wanted to jam in one more unplanned graft on Friday. I understand the concept of the steps to building your queenless cell builder starting 10 days before your graft. Sadly, I did not expect to do this before leaving and didn't plan ahead but I have the resources building fast in other hives to build mating nucs and want to try it.

Am I setting myself up for failure?

I did put a frame of dark drawn comb in my breeder queen colony this morning to graft from on Friday afternoon. If tomorrow morning I separate my queenright portion below with an excluder and mostly larva frames are above the excluder can I pull this off? Morning of the graft I will make the queenless section on it's own bottom board with pollen frame and those nearly capped brood as well as many shakes of frames of nurse bees. In the afternoon I check for emergency cells, do the graft and stick it into this overflowing hive and put a gallon of feed on it.

I am missing something. Enlighten me.


What say you? Can you jam this in just a few days?