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    Default Swarm or Cutout or Removal

    Got a call lastnight from a guy that a swarm on the side of his house.

    Arrived on Friday, size of a football, about 15' up on the side of his house. I went there this morning and the "swarm" looks to be more like either a swarm has moved in under the siding, or a hive has been there all along and due to the hot weather and humidity, they are "hanging out" in the cool air.

    Since I had a drawn frame of comb with me, I held it up to the bees, and many did get on it - but they didn't rush onto it like a swarm would. I placed the frame in an empty hive in hopes that if it is a swarm that just moved in, they might vacate from behind the siding for a nice roomy hive. (But I'm not holding out much hope.)

    The guy claims he didn't have bees there before. (And there doesn't seem to be the tell tale stains where bees have been going in and out for a long time. And I can't imagine there is much room in there as they seem to have gone in a gap right behind the siding. The guy said the siding was put up about 6 years ago (over top of whatever was on the outside before), so he was going to try to take off a piece of siding where the bees are to see what is going on.

    I'll stop by after work to check it out. Hopefully, once the siding is off, the swarm will be right within reach.

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    Default Re: Swarm or Cutout or Removal

    Sounds like bearding from the heat to me. Sounds like you'll have to perform a "trap out". Real simple after you do a few!
    Good luck. Send pics.
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