Started my first hive this spring, a nuc and its doing quite well. Not a lot of flowers around right now so I thought I would give the new hive a boost with some sugar water. I am using a chicken watering container with small rocks in the trough to prevent drowning. I was surprised how quickly it was going down. As a new beekeeper, I really did not know what was normal consumption. But, now I was at the point that they could easily go through 2-3 gallons a day! Tonight around dusk I went to check on it (its located about 10ft from my hive on a table) and noticed this "bee superhighway" heading out into the air north-east away from my hive. Guess what is north-east? Yup, a neighbor about a block and a half way who happens to keep bees. Just never occurred to me before that I might be feeding the whole neighborhood!