After losing two nucs to ants I came up with a solution for those darn Argentine ants that raid hives here in California. I made "T's" with 1" galvanized pipe. At the bottom of the T joint, I slipped on 2" white PVC end caps after drilling holes in them. I hung them upside down on the pipe and filled them with high temp bearing grease that doesn't run in the heat. The rain won't be a factor because they're upside down under hives.

I pounded the pipe legs into the ground 2 feet deep. I secured the 2x6 PT frame to the T joints with plumbing strap. The cross members are resting on the T joints to better handle hive weight. NO MORE ANT PROBLEMS! (Sorry about the finger in the first pic)
Ant Proof Hive Stand 1.jpgAnt Proof Hive Stand 2.jpgAnt Proof Hive Stand 3.jpgAnt Proof Hive Stand 4.jpgAnt Proof Hive Stand 5.jpgAnt Proof Hive Stand Grease.jpg