Ok. So, a quick recap. I started my bees on 4/31 of this year. I have been feeding every week and added a second brood box 2 weeks ago. Everything seems to be fine.

I called my neighbor over who has about 10 hives to come check out my progress. He came over today and this is what he said: he said I only needed 1 brood box and not 2. Is that right or wrong?? I thought it was supposed to be 2 brood boxes then start with supers. He said I needed to remove the second brood box and replace it with a super???

He also said I didn't need to feed them right now and to make them go out and work. I can probably agree with that. He said to start feeding again at the end of July.

Now here is my MAJOR concern. When we removed the boxes I seen some brood that was open. It looked like white larvae and they were exposed. This was like in little groups. It was very unusual looking. Some of them looked like little white worms, and were not developed and were out of the cells. He took the hive tool and scraped them off. It was milky looking. It was small patches. What the heck was that????? It was like in between where the boxes were connected. Not on the frames themselves.

So if some of you can help me out with this stuff I would really appreciate it. I took off the feeders and felt really bad about it. LOL I so love to see them lick it up when I pour it in there.

Thanks for all your help in advance!