So I had a bear attack last night. It was at an out apiary. This guy practically lives in town so it was what I least expected. I have 2 Warre hives at his house. One I started last year and one that I started this year. The one from last year was spared. It has three full boxes-one honey and two brood. It is working on a supered box and a nadired box. The other I started this year and is only in 1 box.

The bear tore apart the new hive. The top box was tossed around 15 feet from the hive. Most of the comb was eaten, but a couple of brood combs were just tore out. To add insult to injury we have had thunderstorms and hail all day long. So the bees were wet as well. They were in two clusters. One in the feeder and a larger one in the bottom box (has no comb). Plenty of dead bees, but there was a sizable cluster still alive. I rubber banded whatever comb I could back into the box and put whatever comb was left on the top bars back into the top box, got as many bees as I could back in, and closed things up. I made sure that they had some feed above and below.

So now my now? I cannot forsee myself getting an electric fence anytime soon. I see two overall problems.

1. What do I do with the destroyed colony?

2. What do I do with the established colony?

The first thing I plan on doing is moving both hives. I have a trailer that I emergently borrowed. I plan on reducing the small colony to one box. I plan on doing my best at removing whatever boxes I can that are partially drawn and hauling them beeless. The other three I may haul the other three together or separate. I am not sure.

So what do you think? Any suggestions? I put urgent in the title as I plan on going back tonight to move the bees as I would hate the good hive to get torn apart tonight.