So I put in a grease/sugar patty with probably not enough grease in it, then had too many visiting little black ants. I started using a syrup spray "smoker" with lemongrass and spearmint oil in it. I sprayed some on that patty and all the ants left > I was messing around for quite a while and they never came back. I tried cinnamon but it just blows away. I also saw lots of dead mites on the bottom so it seems the powdered sugar treatment might turn the tide of the mite war. I am new, just a month or so into this. Anyway, it seems like they are recovering from the bad storm incident, reattached the comb I tied up except also burred to the walls one one side and I had to cut and clean up some, then dusted them again. Now I am going to leave em alone until next week.

Does anybody else use the grease patty in top bar hive? Has it seemed to help? I am wondering if it is just more trouble if it attracts other bugs or if I just used the wrong thing. The recipe I found said vegetable oil + sugar. Anyway I will search through more posts here. :P Hopefully they stay out. I saw some other things like vaseline on the hive legs so will try that too. Also, I probably shouldn't plan on harvesting any honey this year right (?)