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    So I recently performed a cutdown split on my TBH. The new queen hatched a couple of week ago and ever since they have been washboarding. As long as the weather is decent enough to be on the front porch they sit out there going up and down. I know that the real reason for washboarding is unknown, but has anybody ever experienced it with these circumstances (new virgin queen)? Neither of my other 3 home hives are doing it. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to see if there was a particular circumstance where others have noted it.

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    My hives were started in feb this vear via a split ,i have 2 and one started wasboarding about a month ago and are still doing it every day, last check everything was fine in the hive.

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    Interestingly, I have about 1/2 my hives that do it regularly (splits, parent hives, caught swarms, doesn't matter). They just do it...

    What I can tell you that I have observed in combination is this.. When they are doing it they are very gentle and I can walk right up to the hive and just hang out with them all day.

    The ones that do it are also my best honey producers.

    My conclusion, happy bees = washboarding = lots of honey.
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    As a newbie, I found this really helpful. It led me to some online videos and links that helped me see that some of my bees are also doing this. 3-5 will gather on the landing board and move back and forth like little Hoovers cleaning the board. Thanks.


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