I was planning to spend the coming winter studying this beekeeping business so I would have some knowlege before jumping in the spring but my plan was changed last month when I suddenly ended up with four established hives. No knowlege whatsoever and very busy with the garden. I've been reading as much as I can. When I got these hives the honey had already been taken and someone told me to add a meduim super and start feeding. Two of these hives have been taking in a gallon a day, and two of them about half a gallon a day. I'm doing one part syrup and two parts water. About a week after adding the supers I checked them and they were drawing comb real nice. Today I pulled out all ten frames of the mediums on both hives and all twenty frames are completely full of "syrup" I guess and almost half way capped. Is this good, bad? What should I do now. Both of these two hives are packed with bees. I know nothing about flows and that sort of stuff right yet but my thinking is that I should stop feeding. I've got clover, honeysuckles and blackberries everywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.