Don't have a picture to put up of my grafted cells because I was on my way into work when I decided to pop in and look to see how many of my grafts took. I grafted 48 cells from 3 different colonies on Saturday afternoon. Today when I looked in to see how many cells had been accepted 39 of the 48 cells had been drawn out. About seven of the cells must've had larva a bit older because they were already capped and the cells were kind of small but the rest of them are still in the process of being drawn out and look like they're going to make some healthy fat cells. I used the JZ-BZ smoked colored cell cups so it was easy to see the white royal jelly against the smoke colored background and the cells are FULL of royal jelly.

Beginners Luck.

I used a method described to me by Michael Palmer to set up my cell builder colony. The grafting tool I used was a master grafting tool from MannLake.