I've got a few problems that I need advice on. First, I've got a hive that has been queenless for a long time. I've tried adding frames of eggs to the hive for several weeks, but so far that hasn't been successful. Yesterday, I inspected the hive and there was drone brood. I didn't see any eggs. So, I think now I either have a laying worker or a poorly mated queen. The population of that hive is rapidly declining and I'd like to combine it with another hive. Can I do a newspaper combine? I've read about dumping the laying worker hive on the ground, but a newspaper combine seems like it would be easier if it would work.

Second, I lost a hive to chalkbrood. I tried requeening that hive, but lost it anyway. Now, I have 10 drawn frames with stores and I'd like to add them to other hives, but I don't want to infect the other hives and cause more problems. I've read that it can be corrected/cleaned up by bees that are more hygenic. What is the risk in using these frames in other hives? Would you use them or destroy them? Thanks for the advice!