Reviewing previous threads on hopguard reveals quite a difference of opinion, or experience, as to if treating with Hopguard will slow down laying, injure the queen, or induce a swarm. I have a strong Carnie queen I got with a so-called nuc (was really just handed 5 frames of brood and honey, and a queen in a cage). She has just this week really started laying strong, almost entire sides of frames in the middle of a second deep. A mite count of under the classic thresold, but some indications of dwv in 4-5 bees a day in lawn near hive, have me a little concerned. Hopgurad is legal here, was tested in Wa. at WSU entomolgy hives. Our local bee equipment supplier (has 6-7000 hives) suggests waiting until August. Worried this may be too late for a first year hive that started late (Mother's Day). Any thoughts as to if treating soon will disrupt her now that she's really booming along? I still need this hive to continue to build up, they have a long way to go drawing frames in the top deep, outsides of the bottom, and storing honey. Thanks.