Quick history:
2 weeks after I installed my package I still had no eggs or larva, so I requeened. That went well and within a couple weeks I had capped brood. Doing a quick inspection yesterday on that hive, I noticed 3 capped queen cells, they looked awesome never seeing one except in pictures, and one uncapped QC. It was a bit late in the evening (not much light) so finding eggs, for me was impossible, but I did see some larva. I am assuming something happened to the new queen or the other bees didnít like the way she was producing. I just left everything the way it was, allowing the bees to do their thing. Plenty of room in the deep.
Was this the correct move? Is losing two queens within a month common?
My second hive is doing ok, brood and pollen. Not much capped honey. I thought I would be on my second deep by now, but only half of the frames are drawn. This is some adventure