So let me start by saying I am a new beekeeper this year so the experience and equipment I have is not abundant. Also I work for a vegetable farm / Market so they have some non bee equipment that I can use.

On Saturday 6.16.12 around 10pm my boss tells me that there is a swarm at his house (at the Farm) and if I wanted it. He says that it was in the bush and moved on to his drive way and now is ON the chimney. That it is about the size of a soccer ball. So I grabbed what little stuff I have (jacket, gloves, 4 frame Nuc box and smoker) headed over to the Farm thinking let me see what this looks like and how I can help.

When I get to the house they are pointing at the chimney saying the bees went inside the chimney 20 minutes ago. All I can see form the ground is about 50 bees in the air flying in circles. They tell me the chimney is closes off to the house and that it is not stable at the peak.

We load a machine with a bucket that can lift me and the equipment up to the top of the chimney to take a look. There are about 200 bees in the air and the bees are about 10 to 12 feet deep in the chimney!!! They have moved in to the chimney. The chimney is wide from the out side, but had 3 narrowed sections in it (so going down is not an option). I was up front and told him I don't think I can do much, but that I can try to "net" them out. At this point we just need them out. We hook a board to a net and I go back up. holding the board I do my best to grab the bees and pull up, with not much room to move the net around and the chimney having tons of cracks bees are slow to come out and angry! As it becomes 1:30pm the sun had changed directions and I can't see much and the bees are just going in to the air and lining the top of the chimney. I call it a day to think some more. I am thinking the only way to get them out is a Bee Vac(which I don't have, but can make.

Does anyone have any Ideas? Please let me know