Actually the B in Law’s hive, attached is some pictures. Brood is few and far between, on a package from April 1. The one along side of it just got its first super and the bottom has about 17 fully drawn from wax foundation. The hive in question has about 4 on the top drawn out and they appear to have completely abandoned the lower box. Lower box is about half drawn. Pictures are from the top box and there is a ton of eggs and larvae but very low population. No smell, dead brood is in all stages, some even seem to be emerging. All dead are black, not sticky or runny. Old brood have no wings. Smaller brood are dead on the bottom of the cell uncapped. Almost all of the dead brood have a small hole in the capping. Pollen in the frames is mouldy. There were cockroaches in the hive and I have never seen a cockroach up here (except in my gym).
Any suggestions of what it is or how to treat it?