I am a new beekeeper with two purchased nucs. For 'fun' I put out a swarm trap across town on my parent's property. I caught one swarm within a week and it's hived and doing well.

A week later (earlier this week) there was another swarm in the trap. Over a 24 hour period after noticing the box was occupied, myself and my dad both saw many many bees coming and going (similar amount of activity to our stronger purchased nuc, now two 10-frame boxes of bees full)- so it appeared the box was not just their 'resting place' as I've read they form enroute to their new home.

Due to rain, children's birthdays, husband's work, etc I didn't get over there until last night to collect and hive the swarm and Poof! No bees except two little shivering workers at the entrance

So I'm thinking the adage "you snooze you lose" is true and if I'm lucky enough to catch a 3rd swarm I'll be collecting it pronto...however in the meantime I'm curious for any insight as to why they would reject the trap after initially appearing to choose it on their own. Also - how far would they likely be able to relocate after having swarmed to one location, stayed for at least one day without any honey stores, then left for their second 'move'?