So last year I decided I would build my own motorized extractor since I didnt have the funds to buy an extractor and was not going to go through the hassle of a hand crank one. After rounding up the materials, it was built in no time. I did have access to a welder which was a plus. I put about $90 into this project, which is cheaper than the cheapest two frame hand crank model I could find! And yes, everything that touches the honey is food grade, and what wasnt food grade was sanded and coated three times with Camcoate that I ordered from BrushyMountain.

The Beast, a four frame extractor!

The frame holder which can accomidate a deep or medium frame.

The brain of the extractor, control board and motor/pulley/belt assembly from a free treadmill I got!

I used it last year to extract what few medium frames I had and it worked like a charm, and everything breaks down for cleaning, including removing the barrel to hose out.

Just thought I'd share this!!