Finally in the game. I pulled them down too soon multiple times. This one pictured had a ton of bees on it and pollen coming in so when I went to get it I took down another with some activity and no pollen. The first one I had to leave some behind because they were not all in the box. Pretty much a full box. The bees are very yellow and a lot larger than the bees that I have now. I found the queen and when I went to get out my marking pen I dropped her. The hive seems normal so hopefully I did not screw the pooch. The second one I figured was a loss and did not even put it on the rack but left it by the back door. When it started ‘leaking’ I opened it up to find a pleasant surprise of a nice little ball of bees. I had a frame from a cut out in it that was half drawn and a new medium. They drawn out most of the medium and build off of the bottom to the bottom of the box. Now I just need to get them where I should have put them. I only had room for 4 hives on the stand, now I need to do something with this one.