I hope I did the picture correctly. It's not very often I get out to my yard early in the morning but today I was there at 6:30 am. I took this picture, and out of the 10 hives each being 2-3 stories, 2 looked like this. The super in this picture has 5 or 6 full frames of honey and foundationless frames that are completely empty. I'd accidently put in a plastic frame which they took as a wall early spring, and about 3 weeks ago I replaced it with foundationless frame. I haven't gone into the 2nd hive that looks like this since mid May and it had plenty of room at that time, plus a peek a few weeks ago.

Is this normal or do I need to go through the hive and look for swarm cells, maybe try an artifical swarm?

Also, I have 2 nuks ready for deep box. I have typically moved them to deep, in order of course, and all to one side. Is it better to center the frames with empty on each side, does it matter?