I'm trying to figure out how a screened bottom board with a tray w/oil in place can function as a ventilation aid in a hive. Beeks will talk about how much the ventilation of a sbb helps cool their hive in the summer, but they also talk about killing shb and/or mites in the oil tray. Is it that if the pest problem is bad enough, the ventilation function is secondary and it is more important to have a killing trap? I also have read where some don't use a tray and just let the shb/mites fall to the ground. I can see where this does function as ventilation, too. But then you have the problem of shb coming back in after their vacation in the soil (okay, lifecycle). Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks, Jim

Millerbees has a sbb that has a beetle trap with 1/8" screen in the back with a trap underneath, but the majority of the bottom screen is a smaller mesh. Has anyone used this? They also have a front trap you attach to your hive that also has this trap/screen for catching the shb when they first come in the hive...anyone used these? Jim