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    Default How long to fill honey super?

    I just last week put the first shallow super on. Inspected yesterday
    and the bees have about half the frames filled out and started to fill
    with honey. I know the answer to this can vary greatly...but on
    average, how long might it take for the 10 frames to be filled with honey
    .... or how long would 8 frames be filled where I can then install
    another shallow super?

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    Default Re: How long to fill honey super?

    On a good flow it might be a week. If you took the mostly drawn combs and moved them to the outside of the box, it wouldn't be a bad idea to install the next super now.

    You may have similar weather there as here, so, if all goes well, we should have a lot of honey produced this week.

    Good luck.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    Default Re: How long to fill honey super?

    I have one hive here that I put a super on, a medium with just foundation, no drawn comb and we had such a strong flow of sourwood that it was filled within the week. I went out to look at it and was shocked that it was full that quick but I will not complain.


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