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    Default Just gathered the girls tonight - my second attempt

    Total rookie here. Done lots of reading but you know how that goes. Can't learn to swim by correspondence, got to get wet.
    So my first try was a cut out they stayed for 3 days and few off.
    This was a lot different. A big wind we had in the last 3 weeks ago must have blown a cardboard box under my fig tree because a nice swarm of ladies found it and took up residence. Box wasn't there 3 weeks ago, because that's when we picked the last of the figs.
    They had been in there long enough that they had made 4 combs already and 2 little starts of the next two. Well I cut the top off the cardboard box and took 4 frames out of my box and set the comb down in the empty slots and let the top of the cardboard rest over the frames. I cut it down enough I could get my top on it and closed it up.
    I imagine they will make a bit of a mess but I'm hoping that down the road I can just pull out the 4 on the cardboard and put 4 frames in. May have to pull all the frames out and put it in a new box frame.
    So finally my questions
    1 am I out of my mind and should rework it tomorrow? or
    2 how long should I let the 4 on the cardboard go before replacing them
    and #3 How long would you wait before opening the box and checking on them or doing anything in the box?

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    Default Re: Just gathered the girls tonight - my second attempt

    rubberband the comb into the frames and get them in a box asap


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