Okay, so I hived 4 packages 14 days ago and today I went into the hives to check things out. First observations, no hive beetles or verroa mites were seen.

I was able to spot 3 of the 4 queens and with the 4 hives about 3' apart, each of the hives seemed to have about the same amount of bees in them. I took that as there was minimal drifting after hiving the packages. All 4 hives had what I guess were eggs, there were terribly hard to see, definitely larva (from tiny little C's to large brood) and capped brood (yellow colored domed wax on top of the cells; I'm guessing this was capped brood). Around the open and capped brood was pollen and then around that was capped/open sugar syrup and honey. About 4 frames were built out in each of the hives with 1 of the hives having an entire full frame of syrup, (this was the hive with 2 sytrup bowls in it so I expected as much). I did notice that all 4 hives had the most activity and built out frames on the east side of the hives, offset about 2 frames from center. I assumed this was maybe due to that side being warmer from the sun but I don't know.

One hive did have something different in it. About 1 frame off from the main activity in the hive was a frame with about a 3" oval of semi-built out comb, some honey and pollen and what looked like it may have been small dark grey larva in a few of the pollen cells. I didn't know what this was.

All in all, I was pleased with my first full inspection. The bees were VERY docile. After smoking them and waiting a minute or so, there was pretty much no activity of bees flying around bumping me or attacking me. My cousin helped a little and was right next to the hives with no protection on at all and wasn't bothered by the bees one bit, neither was his girlfriend or my father when they walked up to take a closer look. I was pretty impressed by how they seemed to not care that I was invading their house or flipping a frame around to look at them.