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    Default Divided Medium Mating Nucs on Migratory Pallets

    Has anyone used divided 5x5 medium mating Nucs on migratory pallets?

    I need to move my hives during Buckeye season.

    I'm considering a couple of configurations.

    -2 divided mediums on a 2 way pallet
    -3 divided mediums on a 3 way pallet
    -4 divided mediums on a 4 way pallet
    -6 divided mediums on a 6 way pallet

    I will paint the entrances to help with recognition.

    Any thoughts would be welcome.

    Thanks, Rich

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    Default Re: Divided Medium Mating Nucs on Migratory Pallets

    I use 2 x 5-frame nuc's on 4-way screened pallets. If I have enough bees, they go above a double screen board above a strong colony. You can place a plywood cap over one and then an empty box just to get all the boxes to the same height for moving them on the truck. I wouldn't move them if they were not all the same height.

    Moving them at night, I use a bent piece of screen in the entrance and a screen top to lock the bees in, then a net over the top. Some guys have a trick for tucking the net under the pallet, which looks pretty slick, but I don't have it down yet, so I nail the nets down with 2 x 4's.

    Buckeye sure makes "excellent" firewood, heh heh heh...


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