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    Default Other bees in my backyard besides honey bees (photos)


    Hello everyone.

    It's ironic that I planted a bunch of flowers in my backyard this year for my honeybees and honeybees passing through, but they don't care for what I have, at least at this point.

    However, there are about 4 or 5 other types of bees which crowd my flowers.

    I am curious as to their identity.

    By the way, I don't have a photo yet because they weren't out when I took these pictures, but I always see a narrow bright green bee in my Mexican Petunias.

    Here are the others I took photos of today:

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    Default Re: Other bees in my backyard besides honey bees (photos)

    Hmmm, those last three pics look like AMMs (or a similar strain of honey bee) to me...unless I'm getting the size scale wrong (VERY possible, lol)
    As far as the skinny green ones, I ID'd my green sweat bees as Agapostemon texanus by using the ID guide for Agapostemon genus blue/green bees at:


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