I have three hives, and recently two of them were attacked and destroyed by larger bees. Has this happened to anyone else? After the attack, I found dead honey bees and larger bees all arounf the entrance to the hives. When I opened the hives, my remaining bees were very passive or lethargic. The attacking bees had ripped the larvae out and appearantly ate them. Pieces of larvae and dead bees were all over the bottom of the hive. I couldn't find the queens. There were lots of my Carnis still on the comb, but moving slowly and not defending the hive as usual. I cleaned all the dead bees out of the hives and closed them up, hoping the remaining workers could make a new queen. Over the next few days, the bees continued to dye off.

Now they are all dead, with lots of bees stuck head first into the comb (I think they were eating what was left of their honey and just died there)

The first picture shows a good comparison of a Carni next to a much larger attacker. The others show all dead bees (mostly attacker bees, and a few carnis) on the landing board. The last one shows the carnage on the bottom of the hive. Can anyone tell me if these are robber bees, or some kind of wasp? They definately don't look like yellowjackets.