I currently have two top bar hives, and am thinking about making splits to get a total of four hives. I would like something with a smaller footprint, and supering convenience like a Lang or Warre.

I believe I understand the concept of a Warre, but I have a couple questions.

1) how much of a pain is it to unstack and restack all those boxes every time you super?

2) Since the bees build comb downward, does that mean the brood nest constantly moves down too? If so, do you ever get pure comb that can be harvested as comb honey, or is it only good for extracting due to cocoons?

I was thinking about building a Warre, but would like to super it like a Lang, and let them build upwards. Will the bees do this? Basically it would be a frameless, foundationless Lang.

3) Are there problems with the bees fixing a lot of comb to the vertical walls? Or with comb not being built neatly?

Like I said, I really like my TBH's but I am looking to try other things, and make better use of my square footage. Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.