I had walked through the hives in the morning around 10 am and everything was normal. About 2 pm I glanced in the direction of the hives while walking to my shop and a large dark clump caught my eye, it was almost hanging over the hives. On further inspection, I found a swarm not 10 feet from the hives on a sweet gum limb. It had, easily 10 lbs of bees, big swarm, I think. Anyhow, I had an empty Five Frame Deep Nuc on the stand a few feet away, and a pair of side cutters in my pocket. Took the lid off, cut the limb, laid it in the NUC, shook it about a bit, gave them four fresh frames and one with drawn comb, put the lid on and went about my business. Took all of 10 minutes. Thinking about changing my name to Lucky.