Maybe you are right. a group that has a forum for 101 questions really should be separated from the one that is for none 101 questions. What makes more since to me is that the 101 should be more of a book rather than an interactive forum. I say this because most beginner questions have long ago been answered on these forums. It is a matter of finding them. There is of course a search function to aid in that. So lets discuss that feature and why it may not be used to answer such repetitious questions. I will speak for myself. I don't use the search function because it quite frankly is a complete waste of time. The result of nearly any search is a ridiculously long list of nearly completely irrelevant posts. It would be faster to find the information I seek by attempting to read each and every post on these forums one at a time. Also not realistic. It is by far easier and also completely realistic to simply ask the same question that has been answered before again.

If on the other hand this information was in one location in an order that made some sort of since. one that made it reasonably possible to locate answers to specific questions. I believe it would be used to a large degree. This means consolidating all the information on this group to one book sized thread. Complete with an index that links to specific topic. such things are often mentioned in forums but simply are not ever carried out. Who will organize and make it int eh first place? once it is made who will maintain it? Who will choose what content it contains and what it will not. or will it contain every single idea or thought shared on a subject. what qualifies as a significantly different idea? Saying the same thing in a different way is not a new idea.

In all the solution is both very simple and yet most likely impossible. make that new person info findable and they questions will stop being asked over and over.