Dear All,

I am a relatively newbeek, just started my first tb hive a month ago. My question is, my hive seems to be growing, having inspected the hive almost daily through the window (self made hive), and have also opened it up numerous times and have also located my momma queen twice so far. All is going well and feel like I should be "maintaining" my hive by adding a new top bar somewhere. Although I have numerous open bars without any comb built on them still available between the two honeystore combs they have built and my follower board, I am wondering if I am supposed to place a new top bar between the brood comb and the honey comb top bars?

I hope you understand my question. Haven't counted but I believe I have about five brood comb top bars from the end of the hive up until the beginning of my two honey comb bars. Should I encourage them to build new brood comb bars by adding a new bar? Of if I add a new bar between the two types of comb am I confusing them? Or should I just leave them to their own accord?

Thanks so much for any and all help as we here in New York are hopefully entering our busiest time of the year for bees, the heat, sun, and flowers are all blooming, just waiting for our bees to do the job!!

Keep buzzing!!!