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    Default Do bees perk up after a rain?

    I am a very new beekeeper (about 3 weeks now!) so I have not observed much and there's only so much you can learn by reading.

    We've had quite warm and very dry conditions in the patch of Wisconsin where I live (its been wetter north and south of me, but very dry here). Actually very dry since the bees were moved onto my land by a friend 3 weeks ago - only a couple of small rain showers. Yesterday we had several showers throughout the day and night. The bees in one weaker hive have been pretty quiet until today - they are buzzing all over the place today, and walking around on the lid licking water, crowds of them coming in and out of the hive, and my various flowers around the land are a buzz with honey bees.

    It makes sense to me that after its been hot and dry, a rain will perk up the bees - has that been other people's observation too?
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    Default Re: Do bees perk up after a rain?



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