I recently bought an old(50 years possibly) 4 frame Farm Master extractor off of Craigslist. I am fairly sure that it is galvanized. The spout looks to be a bit rusty and the drum and basket seems to be a bit dirty. It spins very well and seems like it will work great. I am guessing that it had been sitting in an older garage for the last 5-10 years. I would like to use it this fall for my first time of honey extracting, but I am a bit concerned about the safety of galvanized and how to clean it up so it is usuable for honey extracting. I am planning on extracting and then straining it out immediately after, and then bottling, so the honey would not be sitting in the drum very long. It seems that the biggest scare about galvanized extractors is the use of lead. It makes me wonder then, what did beekeepers do 50 years ago when most if not all extractors were galvanized? Thanks, juzzerbee