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    Sad Is Pollen Bound a Thing?

    I've kept my eye on 'honey bound' for excessive honey in the brood nest.
    The last couple inspections were brief and mostly to check for eggs and add some fresh bars. I moved a couple bars at a time.
    Today I did bar by bar to get a better idea of the overall situation. The previous fresh bars were drawn completely. And they'd gotten busy drawing some thin combs between some of the more pooly spaced brood combs. (no brood in this, just nectar and pollen)

    The nectar is sporadic through the brood nest, the most being in capped top 1-2 inches, And in the first two and last 3-4 bars.
    They are at probably bar 17 (+4 I added today)

    The pollen however is pretty dense at the middle of several bars (Dark brood combs), with smatterings of brood. It almost seams like they are trying to push the brood nest to the back away from the entrance? It seams most of the brood and eggs are in newer combs (that have been put in as I try and open the brood nest.) There was even about a 4 inch circle of brood surrounded by nectar on the bar I added last between the stores and brood. There are a few beautiful dark brood combs, and aside from taking photos of each bar I start to loose track....

    I added several bars every 3 or 2 good combs (skipping some for straightness)
    I even moved a bar from the middle (#6 from entrance) to the 'storage' section (between last brood and first honey) since it was almost completely solid pollen. This was in part to have some space upfront to add a fresh bar.

    Was it a bad Idea to move the pollen laden bar?
    Are they honey bound, despite it being mostly pollen? It seams the brood pattern is suffering because they are cramming pollen into every nook and cranny...

    I'm really starting to see why people put middle entrances on the long walls... by the time i get to the front the girls have about had it with me.

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    Default Re: Is Pollen Bound a Thing?

    Seeing this here in Vermont too. Instead of a nice ring of pollen around the brood I am getting full frames of pollen. Bizarre insects!
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    Default Re: Is Pollen Bound a Thing?

    You will be amazed how quickly they turn combs of pollen into combs of brood.
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    Default Re: Is Pollen Bound a Thing?

    Mine had a whole frame of pollen stored. Right before a huge population explosion. That frame of pollen turned right to bees, just like Joseph said.

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    Default Re: Is Pollen Bound a Thing?

    Combs at the entrance end full of pollen is normal and to be expected. I've seen as many as the first four combs completely full of pollen at times. There is no need to move the combs from where they are as others have said they will use it when needed. It's not a good idea to add blank bars between combs with only open nectar along the top portion of the combs. More than likely they will over extend the cell walls on those combs and not leave enough space to build a proper comb on the blank bar. If you think they are honey bound pull the honey bars further to the back of the hive and add two or more bars between the honey and brood combs.

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