Hey Everyone,

My name is Rob and I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.

I have been interested in keeping bees since I was a child and saw a lecture on beekeeping and the amazing environmental impact they have. I know that the UK honey bee population is dwindling and seeing as now I have the space and time I thought it would be a perfect time to get to work on realising my dream of keeping bees.

I have been speaking to the local chair of the Yorkshire Bee-keepers Association and he has been extremely helpful in my initial questions and sent me a copy of Beekeeping for Dummies which I must say is a very informative book.

After speaking with my mentor I have decided that I am going to (with the help of a friend) build my own National hive to begin with.

I have a very large garden which is abundant with wild flowers throughout most of the year and feel it would be perfect for bees.

So anyway, HI and I hope to be keeping in touch with you all throughout the process of becoming a fully fledged beekeeper.