I switched from the regular 10-frame system to 8 because I couldn't lift the boxes when full. I'm happy with lighter boxes, but have some issues with the system itself.

The boxes I got from Humble Abodes (mostly shallows) seem to be a standard size - they fit with bottom boards, excluders, etc. from other manufacturers - but it seems they're too big for 8 frames. I can very nearly fit 9 frames into them. The net result is too much space between frames, especially when they're drawing and establishing comb. If I distribute the extra throughout, they build big fat comb which would be nice except it's irregular, lumpy, and frequently joined to the next frame in places. If I put all the extra space at one end they build huge lumps of comb and attach it at random everywhere. Is there a special frame for 8-systems that's a tiny bit wider? (Not that that would matter down in the real business area.) Are there frames a tiny bit narrower at the top so I could fit in one more? I didn't notice this type of problem with the old 10-frame equipment.