Does a hive that's on the verge of swarming sometimes have no eggs or uncapped brood? Somewhere I heard that before the hive throws off a swarm, and in preparation for swarming, the queen tapers off her laying. I'm trying to figure out what's up with a booming hive of mine, that has a huge population and appears to be thriving and extremely productive. I saw some frames with great patterns of capped brood, but no eggs or larvae. Didn't notice any swarm cells either, but I could have missed them. The hive is pretty full of honey but isn't completely honey bound. So I'm hoping they're not queenless, but wondering if they could possibly just be getting ready to swarm.

I'm thinking that I need to watch for pollen being brought in as a sign that brood is being fed (and that maybe I just missed seeing brood - sometimes I have a frighteningly large blind spot .)