Ok, lets hear it! Your most hilarious bee removals and/or customers!!

Last year I posted an ad in Craiglist for free swarm removal, had a "client" call me up and said there was a swarm in the tree in his backyard, I thought "ok, cool!"...........until he said he wanted $60 for the bees because he knows how much they cost from the other C-List bee adds. I told him, " unless you get some sucker to pay you $60 for a swarm, you may be paying someone $400 to remove it from the walls of your house, good bye and goodluck!"

Had another guy call me up about a cut-out, he lives about 2 hours from me. I told him that I would have to atleast charge for the cut out and would get to it when I wasnt busy. He stated he wanted it gone NOW but the price I quoted was outrageous (it was, and on purpose!) and I said I couldnt do the project then. He paused for a bit and then said " well I guess I will just poison them then", and I replied "well, you gotta do what you gotta do, but I cant help you there either!"