I did a cut-out on April 30th. Today is June 12, so that's coming-up on a month-and-a-half ago.

It was a small batch to begin with. I had to throw-out their original comb because it was infested with wax moth larvae.

I have pretty-much been staying out of their way except for the occasional look through the viewing window in my top bar hive. Today I lost patience and had to know if they even have a queen or if this is just some dumb laying worker (Gawwwwwd I hate it when workers become layers......geeeeez.....don't you all hate that?)

So anyhow, this is my first attempt at a hive, so I'm not fully hip to ALL the signs to look for.

I couldn't spot a queen.

The following two combs are all there are.

I couldn't see the eggs good enough to to tell if they are single eggs or the shotgun laying-worker eggs.

Some of these capped brood sure look like worker brood, but I could be wrong.

There's also some black larvae in some of those cells. What does that mean besides they are just flat-out dead? Any particular reason?

Notice the hatching (worker/drone?) in the photo just below. It's circled in red.

I know you couldn't tell from the above photos, but I also made some tinfoil hats for my bees.

Will that impede their development?