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    Default Supersedure, what a pain?

    I live in NW Ohio and I just hived a TBH this year, everything was great and peachy the first month, now my girls are superseding their brand new first season queen. I know that she couldve been poorly mated, ill, or injured. but to my standards she was doing fine, great brood pattern, few drones, perfect! Now poof she is gone and they are replacing her.....Should I just let the new queen mate with my BeeYard drones (wasting a month of prime season) or Order and New queen ASAP! Making Honey isn't a priority, beecause my TBH is just for fun, I'm kinda leaning toward just letting them do what they want and hope all goes well. Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?

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    Default Re: Supersedure, what a pain?

    Is your queen gone or being replaced? There is a difference between an emergency queen cell and a superscedure. If your queen is being supersceded, there will be very little brood break if any at all. If you killed or lost your queen then you will not have eggs until the new queen mates.

    I guess you have to ask yourself what kind of beekeeper you want to be. Do you want to buy queens or are you ok with letting them make their own? I am personally ok with my bees making their own, and I am ok making my own. They are not going to be the fancy queens with the big names and genetic pedigree, but they will be home grown. On the other hand they will likely be mated and will not have other issues that you find with some commercial queens.

    So again do some research and find out what suits you best. Honestly I am just cheap and don't want to spend the money on something my bees can do themselves.

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