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    Default Owens Bee Vac from Brushy Mtn?

    Hello all,
    Has anyone used the Owens bee vac from Brushy Mountain? What was your experience? Likes/dislikes? Please post your opinion here. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Owens Bee Vac from Brushy Mtn?

    I have no experience with the Owens bee vac, however the price seems very high for what it is. I went with a BushKill BeeVac (8-frame version) and love it I ordered the Pro version as I use the shop vac for other things and simply switching the head unit was a win-win for me.

    One of the biggest selling points for me was the ease of moving bees from their location straight into boxes with frames - and you can stack as many as needed. I also went with the cut-out shim and screen so I could suck up the bees in one box (below) and cut out their comb and place them in frames (above). When ready, remove the screen and they can climb up to their original comb.
    Jim Andersen
    Desert Viking Ranch

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    Default Re: Owens Bee Vac from Brushy Mtn?

    I don't have one like this, I made my own for far less. The set up seems nice and sound, and probably works great if you're on the ground, but if you are in need of it up high, I would not want to haul that up a ladder and try and find a way to secure it up there.


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    Default Re: Owens Bee Vac from Brushy Mtn?

    Yes, I purchased the Owens bee vac from Brushy Mountain 2 years ago. The suction is easy to adjust and I extended the hose length with some shop vac attachments I already had and it still worked fine using the adjustment. I like it because it's compact and I can hive the bees later at my convenience and not haul around extra equipment. It's light weight and I can take it up a ladder using a shoulder harness from my brush cutter attached to the vac handle.

    Only 2 issues I've had with it. When the hose is removed there is a spring-loaded wooden flap that closes the hole. Sometimes bees will get lodged behind the hinge and the flap won't seal completely so have some duct tape handy. Also, the screened cage inside the vac is fine for the average size swarm, but not large enough for a really big one. Buying an extra cage is an option.

    Overall, it's a good bee vac and I'm pleased with it...a little pricey but I figured it paid for itself after my first 2 swarms.

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    Default Re: Owens Bee Vac from Brushy Mtn?

    I purchased mine 2 years ago, and agree with SWM. Buy an extra cage, bring a roll of duct tape and rags to seal the cage. It is lite, easy to move, especially if your on a ladder. It makes Cut outs a lot easier, on me and the bees!


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