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    Reminder Clothianidin EPA comments close Tuesday

    Dear Friend,

    Since 2006, U.S. honey bee populations have been in precipitous decline,
    with some estimates suggesting losses as high as 30% per year. While
    that's terrible, the problem is far greater than just the loss of a
    species. Without bees, our food supply is in serious danger. Pollination
    by honey bees is key in cultivating the crops that produce a full
    one-third of our food.

    A leaked memo suggests the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has
    ignored the science linking the pesticide clothianidin to the bee die-off.

    Now the EPA is considering whether to renew approval of clothianidin.
    Submit a comment asking EPA to reject this dangers chemical that is
    killing honey bees - hurry, the comment period closes on Tuesday:

    We ALL need to make a statement here, please do it now.
    Sorry that I only just found, at this late date.
    Little time left/send it to all your BK friends
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