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    Default Bees Under Bottom Board Screen

    New to this newbie are bees hanging out UNDER the screened bottom board screen. Everything else seems fine, bees active bringing in pollen, have screened top with vents in place. One deep and 2/3 of one super filled,one empty super (no frames) on top, bees not bearding so what are they doing under there. Probably half a gallon of bees. Weather here is clear and hot, 94 degrees F, some wind. This is a new hive, March 15, 2012. Buckfast bees from BWeaver. I have a photo but have not figured out how to post it. The hive is full of bees, they are calm, can be worked without smoke in street clothes. Anything to worry about? Getting ready to swarm? Will put frames in the top super tomorrow. Maybe they need more room.

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    Default Re: Bees Under Bottom Board Screen

    You should probably check out the slightly older thread (by a day or two) with this same topic.
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