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    Default Advice on trap out

    Working on a trap out from a house. Owner said the hive swarmed about 2 weeks ago. What are the chances the new queen has been on her mating flight? Any chance she will come through my funnel for her mating flight and then not be able to get back in?

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    Default Re: Advice on trap out

    I wouod think she has already been out after 2 weeks but we can always dream
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    Default Re: Advice on trap out

    Virgin queens normally emerge 6 to 8 days after the old queen and swarm leave. Then perhaps a couple of days before her mating flight, one or two days out then return, so probably, but if not, she would not be able to get back in.

    why not just let them go for a few days before installing the cone funnel if you can, just to be sure.



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