So far this year it has been raining almost everyday and my new (this year) migratory covers are leaking.

Not a lot, but enough that I am getting mildew on the inside surface and on some of the frames and every time I open the cover to check the bees I see water droplets hanging from the wood. These covers where painted with four coats of oil based finish and held up for the first several weeks but have now opened up and are no longer water tight.

Yes, I know about telescopic covers and their are million other ways to stop water if that was all I wanted but I think they are pretty hideous aesthetic wise and since my hives are right next to my tower house and part of the over all look of my property I want something that fits in with the medieval/industrial style that everything else on my property has.

I also don't want something as huge and heavy looking as some of the bee roofs I've seen. I really liked the clean, simple look of a wooden migratory cover but since that has failed to do its primary job and looking for something to take its place.

I have a few ideas of my own but I thought I would ask you guys and see if anyone has come up with a simple, effective cover that doesn't look like the top off a chest freezer and would look okay on a bare wood langstroth.