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    I have a hive that did very well during the spring. 1 deep and 1 med for brood. added a plastic queen excluder and then started adding honey supers along. took the honey off today to find the queen has been going through the excluder back and forth laying up the center through the honey. wonder laying patterns frame after frame brood and eggs. dont get me wrong , very happy with the queen but how is she passing back and forth through the excluder? is it the plastic excluder or is this common? Can it be stopped? do the metal excluders prevent this?

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    Never had a mated queen that could go thru a plastic excluder myself.

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    It happens....with a reason. Check if the excluder is distorted. has a brocken part, slipped sideways. The size of the slots is such that a mated queen can not move " back and forth".
    I find metal excluders even more of an issue as the wires can easily bend.
    Another possibility is that the queen slipped past while you changed the excluder or in other way manipulated the hive.


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