Hello Beekeepers!
We just found out we are eligible to apply for a $250,000 grant in a contest offered by Chase Bank and Living Social. There is a interesting Social Network catch. In addition to letting them know what an asset you are to your community, how this grant would help you expand your business and convince them you deserve the grant, you must have at least 250 votes from people on Social networks. We currently have 54 votes, so we really need your vote just to be able to apply for this grant. It’s not a contest for the most votes, so you can go and vote for as many businesses as you would like.
To vote, please go to https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/ and sign in using your Face book account (and possible other social media accounts like Twitter). Scroll down and type Country Rubes in the space and we should come right up.
This grant would allow us to rent a manufacturing space, hire employees, scale up our production capabilities, and continue to come up with new products, all while keeping our products affordable with high-quality craftsmanship to help beekeepers be successful.
And please share this link with your Face book friends so they can vote.
I would like to add a piece written by a friend of ours , Joiex Duncan who got it in a nutshell…
'A couple of our dearest friends (and Ziggi's godparents) are competing for a small business grant. Their business started as an idea to address the issue of bees and a way to safely and effectively remove the infestation of mites that has been such a problem in the bee keeping community. They developed a system to eradicate this problem without the use of chemicals or any harmful products. Their business quickly expanded beyond their own power and they soon found their selves putting their self-sustaining organic farm on the back burner while focusing on keeping up with the demand for their product. This grant would help them to meet all of the demand for this brilliant and sustainable solution to a serious problem by being able to obtain manufacturing space, hiring workers to assemble and distribute the product, and enhancing marketing ability. Please go to the site, sign on via your facebook. Scroll down and Vote for "Country Rubes".
And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or write, would love to hear from you.
Thanks all
Janet & Mike
Country Rubes Farms and Beekeeping Equipment