Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum.... Lots of great information here!
I was having the same problem getting my bees to move down into the bottom box. I recently saw in a few of Phil Chandler's videos that he was using wood chips and other organic matter in the bottom of some of his hives as an experiment in creating habitat for beneficial critters that normally exist in feral hives.
I built a screened bottom "sump" of sorts with an entrance notched at the top and filled it with wood chips and pine needles. I am waiting to see if this might encourage them to use at least part of the bottom box????? I am hoping this will solve the light issue and still provide some ventilation without it being too breezy to keep warm. It may also absorb excess moisture if needed. I live near Seattle so excess moisture is always an issue. We'll see.?
I tried to insert some pictures but it's not working ; (