This afternoon my sister calls me. I just got home and there are all kinds of bees flying all around our house. Thinking it was a swarm coming to land on her house, I told her I would be over.

They have an older house that they have remodeled and added on. The inside is finished, but the outside hasn't been. Lots of cracks and crevices. I get there. amd there are probably 200 honey bees flying all around the house - mostly concentrated on the one side where they had put in a new basement wall - and the block wall connected to the house sill. Looked to me like scouts earnestly searching for a new home.

So I ran home, grabbed a hive, bottom board, inner cover, and lid and head back over. I set the hive up, put lemon grass oil in it and set it up on their covered porch right beside the side of the house they were checking out. Got a water hose out and sprayed water along the wall to discourage the bees from doing any more checking along the exposed block wall / house sill.

The majority of bees quickly started investigating the hive - going in and out. Sometimes there would be up to 75, sometimes it slowed down. I'm assuming once the scout finds a suitable new home, they go back to the swarm, and do their dance so other bees can check it out.

I saw a little bit of fighting where several bees would jump on another bee coming to the hive. Almost like guard behavior which led me to believe perhaps there are two swarms somewhere out there.

By tonight when I went over, all was quiet. No bees in the hive. I set up a 2nd hive just in case there is another swarm checking things out. Is this typical swouting behavior?

I'll guess we will see what tomorrow brings.