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    Default Cleo Hogan trapout from a tree

    The Water Department in Creve Coeur, IL found this bee tree when removing some brush to fix a broken water main. In doing so they opened the direct flight bath for the bees across a school ground and ball field. Lots of people walk down that path too so they wanted the bees out to negate their liability. I was going to do a cone trap-out but ran across the Cleo Hogan method and decided to give that a try, this is my first trap-out.

    The tree as I found it. Lots of activity with multiple entrances.

    After prepping the tree and closing up all the entrances but one main one. I left the tree in this condition for a week to get the bees used to only having one entrance. I ended up filling the cavity at the base of the tree with cement after the bees tunneled out through it.

    The female adapter fixed and sealed up on the tree. Lots of scrap lumber and silicone caulk to get everything to seal. Left it this way for 2 days before putting the box in place.

    Side view of the set-up.

    Bees using the tunnel after a day.

    Closed the tunnel leaving just the mesh cone as an escape from the tree.

    After 10 or so hours. Looks like it's working. I observed for a while last night and didn't see any bees able to get back through the cone into the tree but there is still a pretty steady flow of bees coming out. I have seen bees haul dead drones out so they shouldn't be getting too backed up with junk on the inside.
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