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    Default First cutout today was a success, questions on post-cutout procedures.

    So I removed a cutout from under a shed floor today, everything went well, found the queen and caged her, took 4 pieces of comb with brood in them and rubber-banded them into empty frames, stapled hardware cloth over the entrance and brought them home after dark (Monday night).

    I'm wondering when I should remove the hardware cloth and let them start coming and going? Tuesday morning? Wednesday morning? I've heard some people suggest immediately and some suggest 24-36 hours later. I plan on giving them feed Tuesday morning.

    Next question is about the queen. I caged her and she is rubber banded next to one of the combs of brood, when should I release her? I've heard from immediately to 3 days after cutout.

    I'm thinking about leaving them screened in until Wednesday morning, and releasing the queen Thursday sometime. Does this sound like a reasonable plan to help keep them from absconding? Thanks.

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    Default Re: First cutout today was a success, questions on post-cutout procedures.

    Release the bees immediately once they are placed where you want them. Release the queen the next morning.
    The faster you can get them to operate normally, the less stress is placed on the bees which makes for happier bees. Happy bees stay put.


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